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Portfolio Resiliency

At Centerpoint, we proactively look "outside the box" of traditional investment solutions for true diversification and risk management. In our view, the traditional approach is not sufficient to respond to today's complex financial ecosystem. There are simply too many systemic risks that go unrecognized.

For example, look at the performance of so-called "balanced" or "conservative" portfolios during the mortgage crisis of 2008. Unfortunately, many people, perhaps even you, lost a good portion of their portfolio in what were considered to be fairly safe investments. This was largely due to hidden risks within the banking, trading, and rating systems themselves. Centerpoint's progressive approach to investing seeks to be more forward looking and comprehensive than the traditional approach. This is reflected in our risk management practices and True Wealth Portfolio designs. By embracing a wider breadth of asset classes and monitoring indicators of systemic risk we aim to achieve greater portfolio resilience and true diversification for our clients.


FROM IDEA TO ACTION: Socially Responsible Investing and the Growing Green Economy

If you are like most Americans, chances are you have heard of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). Whether you have heard of SRI or not, this article will help you gain clarity and a commitment to action towards what is at once a broad social movement and an intensely personal process.

VALUES-BASED INVESTING: Enriching the Soul of American Culture

Underlying cultural values give current investment trends their heart and soul. Therefore understanding the demographics of existing and emerging cultural values are at leat as important in guiding your investment strategy as is the new hot stock pick.

SEEKING THE TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE: Socially Responsible Investing and the New Economy

This new economic model accounts for the natural capital provided by ecological systems and their contribution to maintaining life on Earth. It does this by measuring the three bottom lines of People, Profit and Planet.

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Nothing in this website should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Such recommendations can only be made after personal consultation. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. While some studies suggest that socially responsible investing may perform as well or better than conventional investing, some other studies suggest that by reducing available investment choices, socially responsible investing strategies may entail higher risks or lower returns than comparable non-SRI investing strategies.